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Join Chickadee Chick and a whole cast of fun characters in their misadventures around The Bennett Farm. I'm Nerina DiBenedetto, author of Chickadee Chick, Ice Cream Kitty and my newest book The October Storm. My unique illustrated storybooks are full of fun activities for kids and parents alike!

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Spend precious time with your little ones reading from The Bennett Farm Series. Based in western New York, my children's illustrated storybooks are available worldwide!

Written for children three to ten, my books help parents create special bonds with their kids. My goal is to write fun & educational children's stories that provide your family with quality time together. Kids, parents, and retailers all love my books. You'll always learn something new when reading from the Bennett Farm series! Order any of my fun educational children's books and activity books today from Chickadee Chick in Buffalo, NY. They make terrific gifts for kids from three to eight!

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Book Cover

Book Cover

It's a beautiful sunny day on the Bennet Farm when all havoc breaks loose. Chickadee Chick overhears that the boys will be moving to the city for the summer and that there will be no one there to fill the bird feeders. What will they do? Will they starve? Will they have to move? Find out what happens as Chickadee Chick gets tangled up in the mess. Children will also enjoy the fun activities at the end of this book. Included are a crossword puzzle about birds, color by number and more.

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When the back door is accidentally left open, little Tommy ventures outdoors. He wanders away from home and gets lost. He is rescued by Dan, the Ice Cream Man. Will Tommy ever be reunited with his family or will he stay with Dan? Find out what happens in this delightful illustrated children’s storybook.

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It’s a beautiful fall day on The Bennett Farm when Chickadee Chick overhears the boys talking about a winter storm approaching. He hurries home to warn his parents so that they can prepare for the snowstorm. Chickadee Chick stays at home while his parents go out to gather supplies. Suddenly, a gust of wind hurls Chickadee Chick onto a pickup truck, where he is pinned under a tree branch. To his surprise, he is not alone! How will he set himself free and find his way home safely? Find out how Chickadee Chick manages to get out of yet another jam!

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